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Presentations and Peer Reviews


What is it?

  • A regular meeting for the technical community to learn about and review new features/projects/prototypes
  • Goals:
    • A transparent, vibrant community where individual contributors and partners all share early and often
    • Confidence that we are all going in the same and right direction
  • Cadence: we're planning monthly, but we're wanting to hear from the community whether the current time slot and cadence works.
  • Would you like to present and get feedback on a new component/proposal/feature from the community? Please contact Andi Egloff

What is it not?

  • The primary focus is not on a training lab, but to share with everyone what is being done and get feedback. We're starting other sessions that complement these cutting edge presentations in terms of overviews and training.

Dial in

USA Toll-Free: 866-230-6967
USA Caller Paid/International Toll: 215-446-3659
ACCESS CODE: 6510124

Web Meeting Address:
Meeting Number(s): 866-230-6967
ACCESS CODE: 6510124
Note that we'll only start/use the web meeting for the demos, the presentation will be available on the wiki
Note Please log in at least once before the meeting, the first time takes a while to start

Presentation / Meeting Schedule

10-22-08 9:00 AM PT Andreas Egloff, Keith Babo Project Fuji Milestone 2 presentation (pdf) (info)
presentation (odp) (info)
Milestone 2 Main Page
Fuji Portal Page
09-24-08 9:00 AM PT Derek Frankforth Distributed OpenESB - adding a heterogenous option presentation (pdf) (info)
DemoJar (info)
Recording (mp3

More topics are in the process of getting scheduled.

Please provide additional topics of interest to Andi

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