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OpenESB Introduction Screencast

This screencast(info) provides an overview presentation of OpenESB, especially focussing on JBI and how it works. Note: this is for OpenESB v2 and does not explain the inner workings of the OpenESB_v3 with the Fuji enhancements.

JBI is a standard for infrastructure developers and the inner-workings really are not always relevant for developers building applications with a JBI compliant infrastructure. However, app developers should have an understanding of the basic concepts to understand what is happening. Many developers also like to know what is happening "under the covers" so that they fully understand how issues like performance, security, and transactions are handled by the infrastructure. Hopefully this presentation provides that information.

It complements the existing LearnJBI material and describes how JBI works from the developers perspective rather than focussing on the technical details. It does this by walking through the example which is developed in the OpenESB Introduction Tutorial.

The presentation also briefly describes the relationship between OpenESB and Sun's commercial offering JavaCAPS

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