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Process application zip in memory

The goal of this enhancement is to allow verifier to process application zip in memory, including reading SA zip entries and SU jar engries, reading SA's jbi.xml contents, and reading SU's jbi.xml and wsdl files. Prior to this enhancement, The application verifier extracted the given application in temporary dir which may lead to some cleanup issues.

In environment verification, we need to read the application zip contents on client side, while for environment export, we need to read the application contents on the server side. On the server side, since the application contents already have been extracted into server side directory, we keep using the existing code (reding from directory) and do not change anything.

On the client side, we skip the step which we extracted the application zip into a temp directory. the SA zip file which is going to be verified is processed using* APIs, and the SU jar files inside the SA zip are loaded back to memory using the combination of* APIs and ByteArrayOutputStream/StringReader. Basically the contents (wsdls and jbi.xml) of SU jars are output to String objects using ByteArrayOutputStream, and then loaded into XML InputSource using StringReader.

Verifier should handle WSDL 2.0 deployments

The goal of this enhancement is to allow verifier to support WSDL 2.0. Prior to this enhancement, verifier supports WSDL 1.1 only.

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