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POJO Service Engine

The POJO Service Engine allows Java developers write business logic in Java (POJOs) and deploy them into the JBI runtime. It provides an easy, simple, flexible and powerful programming model for integration applications developers using Java.

Simple and easy by way of very few annotation and API classes, and flexible by way of method signatures, handling synchronous and asynchronous messages in a message oriented fashion.

The POJO SE comes with Netbeans tooling support

Using the POJO Service Engine?


  • Develop or convert existing Java class into a JBI Service using just 2 annotation.
  • Ability to consume other JBI Services.
  • Ability to dynamically lookup JBI Services and consume.
  • Ability to directly access NormalizedMessage and MessageExchange.
  • Not strongly typed thus allowing easy document or message oriented programming model.
    • WSDL is not required for provisioning and consuming JBI services.
  • Flexible Service method signature so that auto data conversion/transformation is done.
    • Auto wrapping/unwrapping of WSDL 1.1 JBI wrapper messages.

System requirements and dependencies

No special requirements


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. File bugs in the OpenESB issue tracker; use the POJOSE category.

Evolution of the POJO SE

What is new?


Developing the POJO Service Engine


POJO Service Engine Source Code

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