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Pattern Matching

You can use pattern matching to generate filenames for messages and to retrieve messages according to the generated filename patterns. The following message properties make use of pattern matching:

  • sendTo
  • sendToHasPatterns
  • receiveFrom
  • receiveFromHasPatterns
  • preSendLocation
  • preSendLocationHasPatterns
  • postSendLocation
  • postSendLocationHasPatterns
  • preReceiveLocation
  • preReceiveLocationHasPatterns
  • postReceiveLocation
  • postReceiveLocationHasPatterns

The % character precedes a character that indicates the pattern to be expanded.

For example, %y%y%y%y expands to 2007

Use an additional % as an escape character to print the % character as a literal.

For example, expands to %y%y%y%y

The table describes various Pattern Matching for FTP Binding Component Message Transfer Targets

Pattern Matching for FTP Binding Component Message Transfer Targets

Pattern Type Description
Timestamp The FTP Binding Component specifies a timestamp using the simple Java date/time formats:
For example, abc%y%y%y%y expands to abc2007.
Directory and Filename Replacement {%p / %f}
Typically used to specify the directory name and filename for pre-transfer and post-transfer operations.
For example, if sendTo specifies my_in_box/invoice.dat, then the following pattern:
{%p_backup / %f.bak}
Expands to:
Inserts a UUID value compliant with Java 1.5 UUID.
Sequence Numbering %0, %1, ... , %9
Inserts the current value of a sequence counter that is incremented after each reference.
The initial value of a sequence counter is 0.
There can be as many as ten sequence counters at runtime, identified as %0 through %9.
The sequence counters are not persisted and will be reset to 0 after either of the following occurrences:
*    The application server restarts.
*    The FTP Binding Component is redeployed.

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