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Open ESB Post-GlassFish 9.1 Deliverables

JBI Runtime

Priority 1 - must have

  • Transitional state support - One Pager
    - Additional states in enumerations will require changes to clients' filtering mechanisms. Most of the changes will be in the framework, to manage the transitional states and change all the state machines to recognize those states.
    - Related to Admin Console changes for displaying the states
  • Error collection - Andi
  • Standalone container support (Java SE) - Complete One Pager
    - Requires isolation of GlassFish-specific code to a single package
    - Include hooks for transaction support

Priority 2 - need to have

  • WSDL Shared Library - Yunpeng One Pager
    - Backward compatibility for WSDL SL with 2004/08
    - Forward compatibility for WSDL SL with final version (“ns/wsdl”)
  • Integration with GlassFish V3 - Keith One Pager
  • Support running under JBoss - Complete One Pager
  • Support running under WebSphere - Complete One Pager
  • Expose autodeploy on non-GlassFish containers - Complete One Pager
  • Expanded monitoring in the runtime - Complete One Pager
  • Alarm collection
  • Build/test infrastructure
    - Work out procedure for running ATS suite on demand
    - Split regress test into developer and system test suites so that developers can run just the developer test suite. This is to reduce our build time which has doubled over the last 6 months.
    - Switch to Open JBI components for jregress tests in Open ESB (Java EE SE / HTTP BC / XSLT SE)

Priority 3 - nice to have

  • Integration with WebLogic

Admin Console / asadmin / asant

Priority 1 - must have

  • Implement plug-in architecture - Yoke One Pager
  • Transitional state support - Mark S One Pager
    - Related to support in the runtime
  • Error console - Andi
  • Populate Web Services subtree with endpoints created by SA deployments - Gopalan One Pager

Priority 2 - need to have

  • Impact analysis - Mike W One Pager
    - predict effect on SAs of stopping/shutting down/uninstalling a component
    - predict effect on components of uninstalling a shared library
    - perform required tasks
  • Progress bar for long-running tasks - Mike W One Pager
  • Dynamic monitoring – expanded monitoring - ?
  • Connection maps, graphics showing JBI artifact relationships - ?
  • BPEL details for relating business processes to other JBI artifacts - ?
  • Alarms - ?

Other Tools

Priority 1 - must have

  • Composite Application Manager - Mike W One Pager

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