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Project Fuji forms the core component of Open ESB v3 effort and represents Sun's next generation open source integration runtime, focused on providing a lightweight, developer-friendly, and extensible platform for composite application development. At the core of Project Fuji is a lightweight micro-kernel based on JBI (JSR 208) and OSGi. Packaged as an OSGi bundle, the micro-kernel can be installed in any OSGi-compliant runtime. JSR 208 support allows all of your existing JBI components to run in Fuji and also introduces a robust, message-based service bus to the OSGi environment.

Developer experience is a primary focal point in Fuji as evidenced by the level of flexibility and accessibility offered in the platform. Starting with a rapid, top-down development language, IFL (Integration Flow Language), developers can quickly and easily generate an integration application using a domain-specific grammar. The service development model favors convention and configuration over boilerplate code and framework APIs, allowing integration developers to focus on the code that matters.

Get Started with Fuji

Section of the Wiki dedicated to people just getting started with Fuji.

Screencasts and Demos

All of our screencasts, demos, samples, and whatnot will go here.


Walkthroughs for common Fuji-related tasks.

Deep Dive

Is there any beef in this bun? This is the anchor point for architecture, technical bits, and other assorted trivia.

Project Details

As long as managers roam the Earth, pages like this must exist. Information on schedule, community members, and other boring process details.


Frequently Asked Questions for Fuji and related technologies. If you don't see you question listed, please feel free to add it to the list or send us an email.

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