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About Rules4JBI

What is Rules4JBI?

Rules4JBI is a ...

This project is donated and lead by Milan Fort.

This project is currently has Incubator status.

How to use Rules4JBI?


The following features are supported
  • ...
  • ...

System Requirements and dependencies


Issue Tracker

Go to the Open JBI Components Issue Tracker to submit issues. Please choose Rules4JBI as the subcomponent.



The currently defined roadmap for Rules4JBI includes:

Release 0.5 (Q3 2008):

  • Features ...
  • Support for ...
  • Support for ...

Release 1.0 (Q4 2008):

  • Features ...
  • Support for ...
  • Support for ...


For questions and feedback please use the Open ESB mailing lists.


  • Developer Milan Fort - email (optional)

Inside Rules4JBI

Project Architecture

For a diagram illustrating this project see Architecture.


The source code for the Rules4JBI project is located under Open JBI Components CVS. The source is located under the <partner/project folder> directory.

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