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Features (including JUnit tests)

  • Basic Outbound SMTP. Ability to send email messages with subject and content to an email address
  • Basic Inbound SMTP. Ability to receive email addresses and forward it to JBI components
  • Full support for RFC 2368 (mailto:) protocol including multiple recipients, bcc, cc.
    • Support mailbox address specifications that are basic (, have phrases (User ), have comments, and use routing as per RFC 822
    • Support for any header in the mailto: protocol, with specific interpretation of the cc, bcc, to headers within the SMTPBC
    • Support URL encoding of mailboxes and headers
  • Add “From” attribute in extensibility elements
  • Support for multiple recipients, bcc, and cc lists


Known Bugs to be fixed

Engineering Tasks

Please see the BC Checklist for a summary of tasks for the Kenai release.
  • Encoder support
  • Properly set the operation for inbound message exchanges
  • Design time WSDL templates
  • Design time WSDL validation
  • Use the ComponentContext Logger through the Messages object
  • I18n all logging messages
  • SA enhancement to support multiple different environments
  • Component/SU lifecycle fixes (see Lifecycle Handling)

Release Criteria

Release Artifacts (will include a list of all jar files and third-party jar files)

  • Runtime JBI module
  • Design-time Netbeans module


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