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* Define XML Schemas for SNMP message format, including Trap, Get, GetNext, and MetaDataQuery. * Define SNMP specific WSDL extensions. * SNMP BC should support device learning Performance Management(PM) and MOF * Support "in-only" MEP for incoming traps, and "request-reply" MEP for MetaDataQuery and GET requests. * Engine should process high volumn of incoming Traps through use of buffering, batching. * Hookup to CAM specific monitoring MBeans. * Extend runtime configuration MBeans for SNMP Engine parameters, such as batch size, wait-time, etc. * Throttling of incoming Traps to avoid overloading Processor Engines. * MetaData cache expiration * Should actively monitor variables up to 100,000 network elements using SNMP GET * Receive SNMP TRAP, INFORM, should be able to receive these traps at very high burst rates, buffer them and deliver them to Processing SEs. * Dynamic configuration: addition / changes in the configuration of what to monitor without redeploying * Dynamic addition of Processing Engines * SNMPv1 Get, GetNext, or Set, TRAP * SNMPv2 Get, Get Next, Set Request, Get Response, Notifications (TRAP), GETBULK, INFORM support security in SNMPv2. * SNMPv3 * support for SNMP operations such as Inform, Set, GetBulk, Walk, etc. * Security and Remote Configuration * Message integrity to ensure that a packet has not been tampered with in transit. * Authentication to verify that the message is from a valid source. * Encryption of packets to prevent snooping by an unauthorized source. * Monitoring device uptimes (sysUpTimeInstance) * Inventory of OS versions (sysDescr) * Collect interface information (ifName, ifDescr, ifSpeed, ifType, ifPhysAddr) * Measuring network interface throughput (ifInOctets, ifOutOctets) * Querying a remote ARP cache (ipNetToMedia) * Need to account for Index shifting behaviour (Need to see how we can handle Index Shifting)

* Demonstrate the ability to receive multiple SNMP traps and transform these to alarms that are written to the alarm output file. * Can we have a Wizard to create device views? (Using Discovery protocol) * Provision to log traps * Do we need to support syslog? * Generic way of handling SNMP extensions * Any additional data added to the trap must not be discarded. * Querying specific agents to ensure they are still functioning

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