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Define XML Schemas for SNMP message format, including Trap, Get, GetNext, and MetaDataQuery Define SNMP specific WSDL extensions SNMP BC should support device learning Performance Management(PM) and MOF Support "in-only" MEP for incoming traps, and "request-reply" MEP for MetaDataQuery and GET requests Engine should process high volumn of incoming Traps through use of buffering, batching Hookup to CAM specific monitoring MBeans Extend runtime configuration MBeans for SNMP Engine parameters, such as batch size, wait-time, etc Throttling of incoming Traps to avoid overloading Processor Engines MetaData cache expiration Should actively monitor variables up to 100,000 network elements using SNMP GET Receive SNMP TRAP, INFORM, should be able to receive these traps at very high burst rates, buffer them and deliver them for processing Dynamic configuration: addition / changes in the configuration of what to monitor without redeploying Dynamic addition of Processing Engines


Get, GetNext, or Set, TRAP


Get, Get Next, Set Request, Get Response, Notifications (TRAP), GETBULK, INFORM Support security in SNMPv2.


Support for SNMP operations such as Inform, Set, GetBulk, Walk, etc Security and Remote Configuration Message integrity to ensure that a packet has not been tampered with in transit Authentication to verify that the message is from a valid source Encryption of packets to prevent snooping by an unauthorized source Monitoring device uptimes (sysUpTimeInstance) Inventory of OS versions (sysDescr) Collect interface information (ifName, ifDescr, ifSpeed, ifType, ifPhysAddr) Measuring network interface throughput (ifInOctets, ifOutOctets) Querying a remote ARP cache (ipNetToMedia) Need to account for Index shifting behaviour (Need to see how we can handle Index Shifting) Demonstrate the ability to receive multiple SNMP traps and transform these to alarms that are written to the alarm output file Can we have a Wizard to create device views? (Using Discovery protocol) Provision to log traps Do we need to support syslog? Generic way of handling SNMP extensions Any additional data added to the trap must not be discarded Querying specific agents to ensure they are still functioning

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