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Configuring the database connection using Netbeans Database Explorer

  • Launch IDE Help
  • Refer to Servers and Databases -> Working With Databases to get the exact steps on Adding a Driver and connecting to the Database.
  • Once the JDBC URL is visible, right click and connect.
  • check the option "Remember the password during this session"

Note: For run-time to work, place the driver jar file ( say in case of Oracle ) in the appserver_domain_dir\lib ( for ex. if appserver is installed in say C:\Sun\AppServer, place the zip in C:\Sun\Appserver\domains\domain1\lib folder )

Steps for building a simple Collaboration

  • Browse the Project say ETLApp19 -> Source Packages -> default Package -> right-click -> New ETL(choose etl icon) as shown

  • Collaboration Wizard opens-up.
  • Choose Collaboration name, for example "test.etl" and proceed next
  • ETL Collaboration wizard opens up as shown
  • Select a particular connection listed
  • Schema drop-down gets populated
  • Select a particular table say TEMP1
  • Proceed Next
  • Similar Target table screen is shown
  • Select a target table
  • Click Finish to see the collaboration

AutoMap Feature

  • Right-click on the source table and choose the "AutoMap" feature

Validate the Collaboration

  • Click on the tick-mark icon shown below to validate the collaboration

Test run the collaboration


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