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What is the Scheduler BC?

The Scheduler Binding Component (BC), powered by OpenSymphony Quartz, affords scheduling capability to kick off (consume) other JBI component providers, for example a BPEL Service Engine.

Like other Binding Components such as File or JMS, in order to use Scheduler BC one has to first create a WSDL Document defining the Scheduler binding and then use it to construct a BPEL service to act as a provider endpoint. When the scheduler triggers, a message will be sent to the Business Process and it'll be incumbent on the business logic implemented there to perform an appropriate task.

Using the Scheduler BC


  • Systemic Qualities (QoS): please refer to this blog

System requirements and dependencies

No special requirements


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. File bugs in the OpenESB issue tracker; use the open-jbi-components category and the subcomponent Scheduler BC.

Evolution of the Scheduler BC

What is new?

The Scheduler BC is released as part of GlassFish ESB v2.1


Developing the Scheduler BC


As mentioned above, the Scheduler BC follows pretty much the same modus operandi as other BCs in that all its configuration is persisted in the corresponding WSDL Document. The latter is then used to define a Business Process that will receive the triggering message and do something appropriate.

Scheduler BC Source Code

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