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What is the Scripting SE

The Scripting SE allows developers to write business logic in the form of scripts and deploy these scripts into the OpenESB runtime. The advantage of using scripts are that programmer skills and the advantages of different scripting languages can be leveraged.

Using the Scripting SE

The attached demos illustrate the creation of a new Scripting kind of a project and executing some sample scripts in various scripting languages.

A video demonstrating the Design time of the Scripting SE and the corresponding runtime is present at Scripting Sample demo-E2E .

The demo shows how to create the Scripting Project, for providing a simple trading service. The Trading Service depicted as the echo.wsdl, takes in a TradePriceRequest xml, which will contain some information like the Trading Symbol, the quantity of stocks required etc. The output is an TradePrice xml which contains the pricing information for the requested quantity of stocks. The Scripting Service Engine would execute the greet.rb file which will actuall calculate the price of the requested stocks.

A Sample Netbeans Project using Scripting SE:

The sample project leverages jruby scripting engine to execute a jruby script in the server. The HTTP BC receives a soap message which triggers the script to execute and the result of the script is returned to the HTTP client. It also shows how a java object can be manipulated inside the script.

Steps to Build:

  1. The project zip file contains a Scripting SE module and a Composite Application project. Extract the zip and extract both the projects in their individual folders.
  2. Open the both the projects in netbeans.
  3. Add the Scripting SE module to the Composite Application project.
  4. Build and deploy.
  5. Run the TestCase included in the Composite Application project.


User documentation

System requirements and dependencies

No special requirements


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. File bugs in the OpenESB issue tracker; use the Scripting SE category.

Evolution of the Scripting SE

What is new?

  • The scripting engine is currently not under active development.


Developing the Scripting SE

Not under active development currently

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