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Command Description

Will show the detail information about the specified service engine.

OperandOperand DescriptionRequired
Component NameThe name of the service engine.Yes

OptionValueOption DescriptionRequired
--echo | -e true | false If true the command specified on the command line will be echoed to system output. No
--interactive| -I true | false If set to true (default), only the required password options are prompted. No
--terse | -t true | false If true, the output will be reduced to the minimal amount. No
--secure | -s true | false If set to true, uses SSL/TLS to communicate with the domain administration server. No
--port | -p port number The HTTP/S port for administration. Default port for PE: 4848, default port for EE: 4849 No
--host | -H localhost The machine name where the JBI application is running. The default value is localhost. No
--user | -u admin user The authorized domain administration server administrative username. Yes
--passwordfile filename The name of a file containing the password entries. Yes
--target target name | 'server' | 'domain' The name of the target where the service engine resides. See Target Option Behavior for more details. No
--display (*) display type | 'general' |
'loggers' | 'configuration' | 'descriptor'
Specifies what information will be shown. The default value is 'general'. No
--help-Displays the help text for the command.No
(*) Added for Sierra Release


examples and expected output will go here

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