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Milestone 2 Deliverables

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Week 1 (09/01 - 09/07)

Owner Deliverable Status Comments
Mark W Issue 71 Top-level component logger settings not restored after restart Complete IN 109642
Nikita Issue 50 Runtime configuration does not validate attributes being set Delayed Fixing/Testing this issue will take 2 days. Will work on this as and when I get time.
Nikita Scaffolded implementation of component configuration facade Mbeans.
Updates to the ComponentExtension MBean implementation to return the facade Mbeans.
Complete IN 109715
Annies cluster test cases for component upgrade involving SUs Complete IN 109677
Priti T Selenium tests update for show tests Developer/Cluster profile Complete IN 109655
Priti T Upgrade validation CompleteIN 109771
Marc K add common client routines for runtime logger level set/gets. Complete IN 109677
Yunpeng ant support for component upgrade Complete IN 109654
Derek Core runtime instrumentation Complete

Week 2 (09/08 - 09/14)

Owner Deliverable Status Comments
Nikita Facade component configuration layer invokes operations on the actual component configuration Mbeans.
Instance configuration Mbeans are implemented and registered.
get/set attribute operations are propagated to the actual configuration MBean.
Complete IN 109797
Priti T delete placeholder help screens Complete IN 109771 Completed in Openesb 91 ur1 Branch
Yunpeng ant support for runtime logger configuration Complete IN 109723
Yunpeng asadmin support for component upgrade Complete Right now not decide GF branch which we should check into, the change is in my local machine.
Marc K add additional common client routines for runtime logger level gets. Complete IN 109700
Marc K modify common client routines for static component configurations Complete IN 109740
Annies upgrade test cases rearrange Complete IN 109687
Annies 9.1 UR1 promotion Complete
Priti minor part of issue 67, error message format not proper Complete
Derek Test components used for runtime monitoring and recovery testing Complete

Week 3 (09/15 - 09/21)

Owner Deliverable Status Comments
Nikita Add persistence to the component configuration facade. Complete IN 109853
Yunpeng prototype asadmin support for runtime logger configuration Complete
Yunpeng ant support for static configuration Complete IN 109847
Priti Second Pass of MBean Notification Spec modified Complete SierraMBeanNotifications
Marc K correct the display name of the top-level Management runtime logger Complete IN 109753
Marc K Finalize common client interfaces for component configuration (environment variables and named application configuration) Complete SierraUpdateCommonClient
Annies Design doc for verifier Complete SierraUpdateAppVerifier
Derek Vacation Complete

Week 4 (09/22 - 09/28)

Owner Deliverable Status Comments
Nikita Implement the application variable operations Complete IN 109993
Mark W Consolidation of component logger MBeans Complete IN 109678
Yunpeng Define the ANT/CLI command for application verification ( verify-jbi-service-assembly ) Complete
Derek Integration of monitoring support and tests Complete IN 110013
Annies Verifier - phase 1 - component installation check Complete IN 109984
Nikita Update the common client interface to add CRUD-style operations for application variables and configuration. Complete IN 110014

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