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Starting the GlassFish Application Server

The GlassFish Application Server is installed when GlassFish ESB is configured. NetBeans starts the Application Server when needed.


To Start the GlassFish Application Server

Before You Begin
Choose Window —> Services, if the Services tab is not visible.

  1. Click the Services tab and expand the Servers node.
    The Servers node must contain a GlassFish V2 subnode.
  2. Right-click the domain (GlassFish V2, by default). Select Start.

Image shows ...

The Output window displays log information generated during the application startup.

Note - Choose Window —> Output —> Output, if the Output window is not visible.

The following message in the Output console window is an indication that the application server is listening.

JBI framework  startup complete.
Note - A green arrow badge on the GlassFish Application Server node indicates the server is listening.

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More Information On GloassFish V2

The GlassFish V2 server is invoked when an application is deployed to the GlassFish Application Server.


To Start the JBI Components

  1. Expand GlassFish —> JBI —> Binding Components.
  2. Right-click on sun-ldap-binding. Click Start.

Image shows ...

The action enables sun-ldap-binding.
The Output console displays a confirmation message.

Binding sun-ldap-binding has been started.

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Creating a BPEL Module Project For the Add Feature

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