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Sun Data Mashup Engine Overview

Use the Sun Data Mashup Engine to build a project with unified views of your data from different sources, configure the project, create and deploy a composite application, and enable the generated report to function as a virtual database. Data Mashup is a standalone product. It can, however, expose certain JBI-based MDM Suite data sources as services. Data Mashup is an engine that provides server side mashup for dispersed data. More specifically, Data Mashup provides a single relational view of data that have different origins but are located within the same enterprise. You use the service engine to integrate information from delimited flat files, fixed width flat files, relational databases, RSS Feeds, web (HTML), XML, WebRowSet, and MS Excel spreadsheets, and then join the various data sources, cleanse the data, and generate a report. After a successful deployment of the composite application, which contains the Data Mashup project, you can open the generated report in a browser, where it functions as a web service and can consume other applications. The steps to complete this task include: Note – Java CAPS projects that have non-JBI components and a WSDL can use the JBI Bridge to use Data Mashup. Data Mashup is automatically installed with a complete Sun GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus installation. See Data Mashup Prerequisites for details on what must be installed before you can use Data Mashup.

Data Mashup Prerequisites

Before you can use the Data Mashup Engine, you must install:
  • NetBeans IDE 6.1
  • Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 9.1 U2
  • Sun Data Mashup Engine (JBI Runtime)
  • Sun Data Mashup Engine Design-time environment NetBeans IDE modules
All four of these are installed by Sun GlassFish ESB. To return to the introduction, click UsingTheSunDataMashupEngine.

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