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Using the Enterprise Data Mashup Service Engine


Data Mashup Service Engine REST Support

This topic provides information about REST support.

  • Resources
    • Identified Resources
  • Tables, views, federated views, data mashups of relational or RSS feeds
  • Reaching to particular page, row, and column
    • Supported Parameters
  • Page – Supports pagination of large result sets
  • Row – Reaches a particular row irrespective of the page
  • Column – Reaches a particular column
  • Extra parameters depend upon the application configuration
  • Constructing Resource URIs in encoding mode
    Data Mashup Service Engine support of REST.
    • To get all the records, the URL is page=0&row=0&column=0.
    • To reach a particular page, such as the 2nd page, the URL is: page=2&row=0&column=0.
      If you attempt to reach an invalid page, such as ‐1, the URL returns all the pages.
    • To reach a particular row, such as the 10th row, the URL is page=2&row=10&column=0.
      The page value is ignored and only 10th row is displayed. If you attempt to reach a row with an invalid row, all the pages and all the rows are returned.
    • To get all the records of a particular attribute, such as CUSTOMER_ID, the URL is page=0&row=0&column=CUSTOMER_ID.
      This lists all the records of attribute CUSTOMER_ID.
    • To get only values of the CUSTOMER_ID in 2nd page, the URL is page=2&row=0&column=CUSTOMER_ID.
    • To drill down to the 2nd row of the CUSTOMER_ID value , the URL is page=2&row=2&column=CUSTOMER_ID.
      In this instance, the page attribute value is ignored.
      Note - Currently the Data Mashup Service Engine does not support a POST request.
  • Runtime input arguments
    • Runtime-input arguments can be added in the EDM collaboration at design-time.
    • Runtime arguments for flat files and tab delimited files are added automatically.
  • Using runtime arguments with REST queries.
    • To reach page=0&row=0&column=0&FILE_LOC_STUDENTINFO=0:
      FILE_LOC_STUDENTINFO is the runtime argument. Once the runtime argument is defined in the collaboration, it is mandatory to mention this argument while accessing URL.
      FILE_LOC_STUDENTINFO=0 is the runtime argument that you are accessing with default values. You can overwrite this value by specifying a file name, such as page=0&row=0&column=0&FILE_LOC_STUDENTINFO=test.xls.
      Note - test.xls is the file name that you overwrite; this must be configured in GlassFish as part of application configuration.

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