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Configuring BPEL endpoint for Throttling

Refer to the wiki page Throttling for an understanding of Throttling.

Throttling is applied to BPEL consuming endpoints that invoke out to other services in this case a JavaEE(EJB) service. Consider a BPEL process invoking(consuming) another service as shown.

        <invoke name="RedeliverInvoke" partnerLink="redeliverPL" operation="redeliverOper" 
                portType="ns1:redeliverPT" inputVariable="RedeliverOperIn"/>

where the endpoint information is
        <partnerLink name="redeliverPL" partnerLinkType="ns1:redeliverPLT" partnerRole="redeliverPTRole"/>

  • Right click the Composite Application project which constitutes the BPEL and JavaEE EJB projects and select the menu 'Edit Application Configuration'.
  • In the editor select the connection connected to the 'redeliverPTRole_partnerRole' endpoint on the BPEL functiod. This connection (highlighted in red when selected) represents the BPEL consuming endpoint connection to the JavaEE EJB service provisioning endpoint.


  • Right click on the highlighted (Red) connection and select the 'Properties' menu. Enter the value of '10' for the 'MaximumConcurrencyLimit' attribute of the 'ThrottlingExtension' property.

  • Close the dialog and save the changes. Rebuild the Composite Application. To see the configuration definition written into the service assembly 'jbi.xml' file tab to the 'Files' view and open the jbi.xml file in the 'build/META_INF' directory of the composite Application project.


  • The 'Throttling' configuration is generated as shown below. This connection tag is in addition to the jbi 'connection' tag for the same endpoints and is differentiated by the namespace ''. The throttling element is defined in the namespace ''.
      <connections xmlns="">
              <consumer endpoint-name="redeliverPTRole_partnerRole" service-name="ns1:redeliverPL"/>
              <provider endpoint-name="javaee_port1" service-name="ns2:redeliverService"/>
              <throttling xmlns="" maximumConcurrencyLimit="10"/>

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