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Tips For Configuring The HTTP Load Balancer

When you follow the steps mentioned here you may encounter difficulties.

  • Step 2: For Windows the path for /iws61/ should be /lib/lbplugin/lib/webserver-plugin/windows/iws/libpassthrough.dll
For steps 3,4,5,6, the paths should be similar to what is mentioned here.
  • Step 9: Make sure both the "Init fn ..." statements are on separate lines as shown in this sample magnus.conf file. Also, make sure that the following snippet has no spaces funcs="init-passthrough,service-passthrough,name-trans-passthrough"
  • Step 11: Make sure that the lines you paste in obj.conf have no leading spaces at the beginning of each line as well as no trailing spaces at the end of each line. Here is a sample obj.conf file
  • Step 12: Skip this optional step
  • The section "Configuring the Load Balancer Plugin" has information on configuring the URLs for load-balancing. You need to know the URLs that will be used to access you application before you do this step. If you have not deployed your application you may not be aware of the URLs. In that case, skip this step and come back to it later when you have this information. Here is a sample loadbalancer.xml file (right click and save). Note the value context-root="service". Specified service here means that any request of the form http://{address:80}/service will be intercepted and sent to the addresses mentioned in the "listeners" attribute.

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