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Transform Shared Library

What is TransformSL?

TransformSL is a framework to simplify the development of transformation-based JBI service engines. The default transformation engine in TransformSL is capable of executing transformation processes, including the invocation of service endpoints. The framework includes the following features:
  • Runtime execution
    • Supports sequential processing of transformation process activities, including:
      • Transform - applies a transformation to input and assigns the result to output
      • Invoke - invokes service endpoints in the JBI environment
  • Extensible engine units
  • Extensible parsing
  • Numerous component and systemic quality features
    • TransformSL is an extension of, and inherits all the features of, Component Toolkit.
  • Invoke extension function
    • Allows the invocation of service endpoints from within an XSL stylesheet.
  • Installed as a JBI Shared Library
    • Basic engine functionality is available to all JBI components
    • NOTE: TransformSL is not currently used as a Shared Library, due to classloading constraints in JBI (specifically, shared libraries cannot depend on each other); components based on TransformSL should explicitly package the transform-engine.jar in the component's installer.

Who needs TransformSL?

Anyone developing a transformation process engine. Currently, only XsltSE is implemented using TransformSL. The goal was to implement the functionality surrounding transformation processes in such a way that the transform activity could be using XSLT, XQuery, or some other transformation processor transparently. For a summary of TransformSL wiki pages, please see the TransformSL Links wiki.

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