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Tutorial Plan

Follow this to build a BPEL process.

  1. Create a BPELModule project using the New Project wizard.
  2. Create the following WSDL Document for the BPELModule.
          For Database BC,
    *    SOAP WSDL

Note - Test Cases are not required for projects created using File Binding Component and JMS.
3    Create a Composite Application project.
4    Add the BPELModule project (*.jar) as a JBI Module to the Composite Application project.
5    Build the Composite Application project and make sure that the Application Server is started.
6    Deploy the Composite Application project to the Application Server.
7    Create Test Case.
8    Run the Test Case.
9    (Optional) Debug the BPEL process.
       This is performed when the Test Case fails.

Image shows ...


Downloading GlassFish ESB Installer

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