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Using the Database Binding Component

In this tutorial, you will create a SOA project. First add a WSDL Document to the project and use the Partner View of the WSDL Editor to add the Partner Link type. You will then create a Composite Application project and use the Composite Application (Service Assembly) Editor to modify the project configuration.

For more information about working with the NetBeans IDE, see the page on the NetBeans web site.

What You Need to Know

These topics provide information you need to know before using the Database Binding Component.

What You Need to Do

The topics listed here provides information about Understanding the Database Binding Component (BC). The Database BC provides a comprehensive solution for configuring and connecting to databases that support JDBC from within a JBI environment.

These topics provide instructions to complete a Database Binding Component sample Project. It also helps to test the Binding Component on the system and demonstrate how it is implemented.

  • To Install the JAR Files in Database Binding Component
  • To Install the NBM Files in Database Binding Component.
  • To Start the GlassFish V2 Application Server From NetBeans IDE.
  • To Create a BPEL Module Project.
  • To Connect to a MySQL Database.
  • To Start Administration Console.
  • To Integrate a JDBC Driver.
  • To Create a JDBC Connection Pool.
  • To Create a JDBC Resource.
  • To Create a WSDL Document : dbWSDL.
  • To Select the Database Connection.
  • To Edit the SQL.
  • To Create a WSDL Document : SOAPWSDL.
  • To Add a Partner Link
  • To Add a Web Service and Basic Activities.
  • To Edit Web Service : Receive1.
  • To Edit the Web Service : Invoke1.
  • To Edit the Web Service : Reply1.
  • To Edit the Basic Activities : Assign1.
  • To Edit the Basic Activities : Assign2.
  • To Invoke Explicit Validation.
  • To Create the Composite Application Project.
  • To Deploy the Composite Application.
  • To Test the Composite Application.
  • To Debug the Test Case.

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