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Using the GlassFish ESB Installation CLI

This topic provides instructions to successfully install GlassFish ESB using a command-line interface (CLI). This interface allows you to interact with software or an operating system using a terminal, remote shell, or command prompt.
Prior to attempting an installation, review Planning for GlassFish ESB Installation. It provides pertinent information such as supported platforms, operating system limitations, and parameter definitions. If you have any questions or problems, go to the GlassFish ESB web site at To access all the GlassFish ESB documentation in HTML format, go to the GlassFish ESB Documentation Home page.

What You Need to Know
This topic contains conceptual information about the installation.

What You Need to Do
These topics contain the procedures for installing a Java Development Kit (JDK) and GlassFish ESB.

Additional Information
This topic includes links to sample state files so you do not have to generate your own.

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