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Using the HTTP Binding Component


Using WS-Transaction

The HTTP Binding Component is integrated with WS-Transaction, an implementation of WS-Atomic Transaction available through Tango (WSIT). WS-AtomicTransaction is a specification that defines a two phase protocol to ensure that transactions are fully completed or fully rolled back, also known as all or nothing. Depending on the transactions success, the registered transaction participants arrive at a commit or abort decision, and both participants are informed of the final result.

The SoapWSATCompositeApp Sample Composite Application

For a sample composite application that demonstrates how to use WS-Transaction with the HTTP Binding Component and the BPEL Service Engine, see HTTP BC Automic Transactions.

The sample demonstrates the following:

  • Using existing Java Transaction APIs (JTA) to initiate and complete the transaction.
  • Invocations of transacted web service operations flow transactional context from client to web service.
  • Transactional context import from web service client to HTTP/SOAP Binding Component.
  • Transaction propagation from the HTTP/SOAP Binding Component to the BPEL Service Engine and from the BPEL Service Engine to the HTTP/SOAP Binding Component.
  • Transactional context flow resuming from the HTTP/SOAP Binding Component to the web service.
  • Persistent resources updated with client-created transactions are all committed or rolled back as a single atomic transaction.
  • After the client-side code commits or aborts the JTA transaction, the client confirms that all operations in the transaction succeeded or failed by using calls to verify methods on the transacted web service.


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