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1. Introduction
    1.1. Project/Component Working Name:

    WSDL Editor

    1.2. Name(s) and e-mail address of Document Author(s)/Supplier:

     Shivanand Kini:
     Ritesh Adval:

    1.3. Date of This Document:
         March 26, 2007.

2. Project Summary
    2.1. Project Description:
     The WSDL Editor is a netbeans module used in creation and editing of WSDL files.
     The editor provides various views (Source/Tree/Partner) for WSDL editing.
    2.2. Risks and Assumptions:
         No risks perceived as yet.

3. Business Summary
    3.1. Problem Area:
    The WSDL editor allows user to create web service interfaces. It provides
different UI views to help user define web service description.
    The WSDL editor is designed to provide following:
    * Wizard to help define abstract and concrete wsdls.
    * Tree Editor to define abstract and concrete wsdls.
    * Partner View to define interaction between one or more partners and
	there by allow user to create abstract wsdls.
    * Drag and drop support.
    * Enhanced Validation.
    * Schema Editor Integration. 	

   3.2. Market/Requester:
        Enterprise Developers and Netbeans Developers looking to utilize SOA
tooling provided by Netbeans Enterprise Pack for composite application
   3.3. Business Justification:
        The WSDL editor is the building block for creating SOA based composite
application. WSDL editor allows user to define there web services in intuitive
ways. User has option to create abstract as well as concrete wsdls. Also it
provides pluggable mechanism using which, any new binding extensions can be
added. This provides editing capabilities for a new binding.

   3.4. Competitive Analysis:
        Eclipse has a wsdl editor, so does XML Spy. The netbeans wsdl editor
support abstract as well as concrete wsdl creation. The WSDL Editor is
different from these competition in that it provides visualization of 
relationship between web service partners, allows pluggable mechanism to add 
new binding extensions and support for binding validation.

   3.5. Opportunity Window/Exposure: CY2007

   3.6. How will you know when you are done?:
        Once all the use cases and feature request are completed. These are 
tracked in netbeans issue zilla under component as xml and sub component as

4. Technical Description:
   4.1. Details:
    WSDL editor is already provided 3 different views for editing WSDL files, 
Various binding editing support and integration with schema editor.

    Following features are pending as of the date this one page is prepared.

        a. Property Alias Query customizer UI to generate xpath for query.
           Property alias creation is currently error prone, since it is
	   manually done.

        b. More advanced binding customization in the wizard\dialogs.
           Allow binding custom configuration steps in wizard/dialogs. There
	   is a need to provide advanced binding customization in wizards and 
       dialogs, so that user can be  guided through the configuration of 
       various bindings.

        c. Property sheet validation based on attribute dependency specified
        in schema annotation.Instant validation of values of properties which
        have dependencies on other properties.

        d. Basic Profile validator
            To validate WS-I Basic profile criteria for a WSDL.

        e. Schema editor integration: Add schema design view into wsdl
        graphical view for inline schema editing.Graphical view for editing
        of inline schema's integrated into the partner view.

        f. Make API's public for wsdl wizards, editor, property customization.

        g. Ability to import wsdl in wsdl creation wizard

        h. WSDL Code completion for source view to show relevant extensions.
            Code completion in source view shows all available elements.
Further filtering of unrelated elements should be done, so that the
code completion is effective.

        i. Ability to fetch schema/wsdl from URL where we show existing
schema/wsdl in dialogs/Wizards.

        j. Generation of partnerlinktype should be optional.

        k. Show only abstract wsdl in navigator when in Partner view.
Simplify the nested hierarchy of schema.
This will simplify drag and drop elements/types to messages.

        l. Drag and Drop schema/wsdl file into wsdl editor from project
explorer to import those into current wsdl.

        j. Better keyboard navigation in partner view.

 4.2. Bug/RFE Number(s):

    4.3. In Scope:
          At this stage, all specified under section 3.1 and 4.1 are in scope.
Further changes will be made in future to see what needs to be in scope.

   4.4. Out of Scope:
          At this stage none.

   4.5. Interfaces:
    Following interfaces are exposed, pending making these public.
        1) WSDL Editor provides SPI for Netbeans JBI Binding Component 
extension plug-in module where a binding module defines its binding component
type and associated extensibility element definitions in module layer.xml file. 
CASA Editor is also the consumer
of this.

        2) WSDL Editor provides SPI for adding new bindings in wizard and
also defines how a binding template can be auto generated.
    (3) Annotation in binding schema to define property customizer support.

   4.6. Doc Impact:
    Documentation is already involved from the beginning. They have worked on
        tutorials, user guide, and sample applications.

    Additional Doc impact is possibly based on features implementation as
mentioned in 4.1.

   4.7. Admin/Config Impact:
        No Admin/Config impact expected to the Netbeans Enterprise Pack

   4.8. HA Impact: N/A

   4.9. I18N/L10N Impact:
        Yes, the WSDL editor will confirm to all Sun and Netbeans software
        I18N/L10N requirements.
        Addition/Modification/Deletion of messages in

   4.10. Packaging & Delivery:
         The WSDL editor will be packaged as a Netbeans module included in the
         Enterprise Pack 5.5.1 release.

   4.11. Security Impact:
   4.13. Dependencies:

        In addition to netbeans core libraries, the WSDL editor has
dependencies on following:
        a. Visual Graph Library
        b. XML modules including XML WSDL API, XAM, retriever, catalog support
5. Reference Documents:

     WSDL Spec
     WS-I Basic profile
     XML Schema


6. Schedule:
    6.1. Projected Availability:

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