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1. Introduction
   1.1. Project/Component Working Name:

        Populate Web Services subtree with endpoints created by SA deployments

   1.2. Name of Document Author/Supplier:

	Gopalan Suresh Raj

   1.3. Date of This Document:

	April 4, 2007

2. Project Summary
   2.1. Project Description:

	This project is to Populate the Web Services subtree with endpoints created by SA deployments. 
        Each component needs to expose the WSDLs/XSDs that are deployed on them through an MBean.
	The Admin Console needs to access this information to populate the WebServices subtree.

   2.2. Risks and Assumptions:

	No real risk is involved. 

3. Business Summary
   3.1. Problem Area:

	Users need to be able to test the WebServices that their Composite Applications expose.

4. Technical Description:
    4.1. Details:

	At the time of service unit deployment, each component registers the WSDL/XSDs in an MBean that they expose.
        These are aggregated by the common-client and exposed through an API.
        The Admin-Console uses the common-client API to get at the WSDL/XSDs.
        The Admin-Console populates the WebServices subtree with this information.
        At the time of service unit undeployment, each component unregisters the WSDL/XSDs from their MBean.
        When the Admin-Console tree is next refreshed, the Admin-Console removes the entries from the WebServices subtree.

    4.2. Bug/RFE Number(s):

    4.3. In Scope:


    4.4. Out of Scope:

    4.5. Interfaces:

	Each Component in their Status MBean exposes a getWebServiceArtifacts(String suName) operation 
        that returns the WSDL/XSDs for the Service Unit.

        The Common Client API exposes a getWebServicesArtifacts(String suName, String componentName) operation
        that returns the WSDL/XSDs for the Service Unit of the component.

        The Admin console uses this to populate the WebServices subtree.

	These interfaces are subject to change as the implementation is refined. 
        The code that relies on these interfaces is all within the
	domain of the Open ESB product, so it is not anticipated that there will
	be any external dependencies on these interfaces for some time.
    4.6. Doc Impact:

	There may be some information required in the Admin Guide about how to
        exercise the UI.
    4.7. Admin/Config Impact:
    4.8. HA Impact:

    4.9. I18N/L10N Impact:

    4.10. Packaging & Delivery:

	Included in GlassFish installation jar file.
    4.11. Security Impact:

    4.12. Dependencies:


5. Reference Documents:


6. Resources and Schedule:
   6.1. Projected Availability:

	post FCS

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