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A business process or workflow is a coordinated chain of activities intended to produce a business result. Total automation of business processes is practically unachievable without considering human interaction. In some processes, human workflow is a major emphasis. In others, human participation is only required on an exception basis.

Worklist Management SE (WLMSE) is a JBI based engine, which provides task management and human intervention in a business process.Worklist Management SE uses a simple task definition language to define the tasks related functionality like task assignment to user/groups, escalation, timeout etc.

Why a separate Worklist Management SE?

Following are some of the reasons:

  • BPEL does not provide human interaction.
  • Extending BPEL with new custom extension is cumbersome and makes BPEL complex, non portable.
  • Clear separation of human interaction/task related functionality into a separate component.
  • A simple language to define tasks functionality.

Also see overview of different concepts .

Current features

  • Task creation and assignment to users/groups.
  • Task escalation.
  • Task timeout.
  • Client API.
  • Task specific API.
  • Uses user security subject propagation through JavaEE SE for showing user specific task list.
  • Support for recovery and reliability. (almost)

BPEL and Workflow Interaction

Following diagram illustrates a typical interaction between various open jbi components. This also shows how a BPEL business process can invoke a web service operation implemented by Worklist Management SE for task management.

For more information see this presentation


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