Author : Srinivasan Chikkala

JBI Component Development Tools Requirements

Developing a JBI Component ( Service Engine or Binding Component ) involves using standard jbi api and implementing standard jbi spi apart from handling the component specific code. Lot of the development process such as build scripts, most of the jbi spi implementation, administration and testing is common for any jbi component development.  If we have tools that can help jbi component developer in handling these standard and common development process tasks, the jbi component development will become very easy. This document will try to collect the requirements for the development tools that help jbi component development.

We need to have development tools that helps user to develop, debug, unit test and install jbi components ( Service Engines and Binding Components ) using Netbeans IDE and should also have tools that should help developing the Netbeans plugin for the component which will help the component end user to develop, test and deploy composite applications ( SA ) for the component using Netbeans IDE.

Component development tools high level requirements

Component development tools low level requirements